Science, Technology, Engineering,
club for girls in the Lyndhurst public school district

STEM Resources

Over the past several years, STEM education has become more important and necessary. What separates it from traditional math and science education is a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach that focuses on real-world applications. STEM education also helps students to hone their computational thinking skills and shows them how what they learn in the classroom can help to solve problems in the wider world. STEM education can begin when students are very young, in elementary school or even earlier. That's why the Lyndhurst STEM Club has groups in each of the district's buildings, including the elementary schools.

For those who are interested in STEM, the value of STEM education, or ideas for how to approach these subjects with students, we've put together a list of helpful resources here. If you know some good ones to add to the list, let your building's club adviser know and we'll put them here!