Science, Technology, Engineering,
club for girls in the Lyndhurst public school district

Lyndhurst STEM Club Information

We're glad that you've shown interest in Lyndhurst STEM! Our goal with this club program in the Lyndhurst school district is to bring awareness of STEM to girls within the community and hopefully inspire some to get involved with it. We hope that you will take a look around our site, and if you're a girl in our school district, we'd love to see you at one of our meetings, which are every Tuesday after school.

This club is open to all girls in the Lyndhurst school district, with meetings being held at each school. The STEM club also hosts several fun events over the course of the year that bring everyone from the different schools together! For example, later this year, we'll be hosting an event with some alumni from the high school who have gone on to careers in STEM-related fields.

Each school has its own faculty adviser to run club meetings in that building, but the club as a whole is overseen by Denise Goodwin at the high school and Stacey Martin at the middle school. Goodwin has been teaching Earth science courses at the high school for 28 years. Her passion for both science and technology is unmatched, and she's one of the most beloved teachers at the high school! Martin, who has been teaching math in the Lyndhurst school district for close to 20 years, first at the high school and then at the middle school, comes from a family of engineers and is eager to share her enthusiasm for the beauty and power of math and its uses all around us.

We very much hope to see you at a STEM club meeting soon!